Children's Race


Full week youth camps begin with a Sunday Arrival (between 2 - 4 pm)

and conclude on Friday with Closing Worship (1 pm) followed by Departure (2 pm). 

Campers are housed by gender & grade level completed.

Confirmation Week

Completed Grades 6 - 9

Congregational youth attend camp together and spend a week

immersed in an intentional Christian community.  Campers will engage in

faith-filled conversations while they develop new skills, Worship together,

and leave strengthened for leadership in their congregations.

*The 40-ft Climbing Tower/400-ft Zip Line are included in this program for no additional cost.

*Inventor's Workshop Week

Completed Grades 3 - 11

This unique week will give campers the ability to get creative

while strengthening skills in adaptation, problem-solving, and collaboration! 

Campers will explore their sense of wonder through structured, hands-on experiences

all while enjoying the traditional camp activities at Lutherdale.

*This program has an additional activity fee of $30 for materials & supplies.

Olympics Week

Completed Grades 3 - 11

Teamwork, silly camp-style competitions, and all things fun!  

Campers will swim in the lake, dive into Bible study, sing camp songs,

play games, and engage in unique cabin competitions all week long!

Water Week

 Completed Grades 3 - 8

Splash in the water all week long!  

Campers develop new friendships and stay cool with a variety of waterfront activities,

from the water slide to canoeing.  Campers will experience extra time at the lake

all while enjoying the traditional camp activities at Lutherdale.

Harry Potter Week

Completed Grades 3 - 8

Ever wanted to experience the wonder of Hogwarts?

If your child is a Harry Potter fan, this week will be an incredible chance to indulge

in their love for one of the most iconic literary series of this generation.  

Campers will have a magical week making arts & crafts, playing Quidditch,

and splashing around at the waterfront!