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Lutherdale Partnering with Mission Builders

Mission Builders -- a group of retired contractors, carpenters, and others -- will be coming during the summers of 2018 and 2019 to complete two different building projects, the Somers House and Lutherdale Lodge

Who Are the Mission Builders?

The ELCA Mission Builders provide project management concept-design services, and construction services for congregations and camps that are building new structures or additions to existing buildings. In the past 30 years Mission Builders has constructed over 230 structures, including many for other Lutheran camps across the country. Because Mission Builders is a mission-minded organization, they provide these services at a greatly reduced cost. The builders are retired contractors, builders, carpenters, and others from across the country that will travel to Lutherdale and live in their personal trailers and RVs on-site for the summer.

How Can You Help?

The more Lutherdale volunteers that work alongside Mission Builders on our projects, the greater our cost savings will be. Volunteers of all skill levels and abilities are needed, from experienced builders to jobsite rookies-there is a meaningful job for you. Come alone or bring a group. Come once or come weekly. The more volunteers we have, the sooner we open new ministry.

Don't want to volunteer on the jobsite? Consider volunteering to host a snack or meal for the Mission Builders or to host them at your congregation for Sunday worship.

More About the Projects:

The Somers House - Summer 2018

Lutherdale is proud to have a wonderful group of dedicated staff to ensure a quality experience for all of our campers and guests. An essential element for being able to retain these quality staff is being able to provide adequate housing for a family to live in. Because of the growth of our ministry over the past several years, Lutherdale needs to expand its year-round staff housing.  

Therefore, we will be building a three-bedroom, two-bath home on a subdivision lot we currently own that borders camp property. We are excited to name this house in honor of Tim Somers, our longtime dedicated donor and volunteer. With all the hours Tim has put into maintaining Lutherdale’s grounds and facilities, we are excited to honor him with a building that volunteers will play a large role in working on.

Lutherdale Lodge - Summer 2019

Lutherdale will be building a 20-room adult-friendly retreat center in the Summer of 2019.

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