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July 24th, 2013
Abba Father,

I love my job. This week cabin leading has been a blast! We started out the week on Monday with Mission Monday, which consisted of our cabin sneaking to activities so no one saw us. We drew mustaches on our fingers as a disguise, so if someone were to spot us we would put our finger on our face and they would not recognize us. The ladies also hit the deck if someone was walking towards us, so that we would not be seen. God, there were so many missions that we were on, and every time we traveled to a new place the girls were so excited about their next mission. Tuesday then became Temporary Tatoosday, because the tattoos were the prizes for finishing the missions.

God, our week has been super eventful and today consisted of Wacky Wednesday. We woke up and did our hair and clothes all wacky. Some of us wore stuff backwards, or mismatched our clothes. Others put hair in weird buns or crazy braids. Some of us even put bottles in our hair so it stood straight up. The wackiness continued with random falling down and other wacky actions. God, I am so blessed to have a group of girls that are excited to do silly things.

The coolest part of my whole week is watching how the girls interact. I was nervous at the beginning because some of the girls came in knowing each other, and I feared that we would have a spilt cabin. But the exact opposite happened. Lord, I have watched these girls interact with each other and share with one another as if they all came in like friends. I have really enjoyed seeing the joy pour out of our cabin from the ladies. They laugh and share stories. Excitement for what is next is not something that is short in our cabin.

Elle – Madison Right Cabin (July 21-26)

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