Are you accredited?

Yes! We are accredited by the American Camp Association. Re-accreditation occurs every three years and involves all areas of the camp including: Food Service, Health and Wellness, Operational Management, Human Resources, Program Design and Activities, Aquatics, Adventure/Challenge, Horseback Riding, and Trip and Travel.

Accreditation is defined as:
Officially recognized as meeting essential requirements in all areas of your organization.

Who is your typical camper?

Our typical Lutherdale camper would fall between grades 3-12. Lutherdale is open to children of all faiths. Our summer programs teach basic Christian principles suitable for all denominations.

How early should we register?

Pricing for Lutherdale Program fall’s into different time periods, the discounts are higher the sooner you get registered.

What about extra costs and spending money for my child?

There are other camp opportunities that require extra money. Our camp store has many items for purchase, campers are given a time each day to purchase a snack. We recommend that all campers have at least $5 in their store account. Typical amount is $20. Campers may also purchase a camp video on a jump drive, and/or a chance to climb the Lutherdale climbing tower. Through Bunk1.com parents may also purchase cabin photos and e-mail correspondence packages by contacting our office for details.

Who is on your medical staff?

Lutherdale hires a seasonal Health Care Manager for the summer camp program. This individual is at least 21 and has completed at the minimum, the American Red Cross First Responder course. The Health Care Manager is on-site 24 hours a day and is equipped with radio contact to many areas of camp including the waterfront, climbing tower, office, and Leadership staff. Lutherdale also has volunteer Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) that volunteer to assist the Health Care Manager. Our goal is to have one medical volunteer each week to work with our medical staff.

Will my child be able to communicate with me?

Lutherdale has partnered with Bunk1.com to provide visual and written communication with your child. Through Bunk1.com you can access daily photos from camp and purchase any photo that you like, including the cabin group photo. Bunk1.com also provides e-mail communication between campers and parents. Campers are not permitted to keep cell phones in the cabins, but may keep them at the camp office for calls home. Campers requesting to call home will be brought to the camp office and may use their personal cell phone or the office phone. Standard US postal letters and care package are mailed and delivered daily.

Do you have a camper assistance program?

It is Lutherdale’s policy that no child be denied a camp experience for financial reasons. Every child who attends Lutherdale is subsidized through the generous gifts of congregations and individuals. We ask that those who have means cover their childs cost of camp. For those in need, we seek financial assistance from the child’s home congregation and from Lutherdale’s campership fund. To apply or for more information, please call the Lutherdale Office – 262-742-2352.

What if my child has a dietary restriction?

It is Lutherdale’s goal to provide food for your camper to give you peace of mind they won’t grow hungry. With the growing number of dietary restrictions/preferences and the price of food, we have a small feel that guarantees a full week of food. Vegan-$30, Vegetarian-$25, and Gluten Free-$30. These prices are prorated for half-week or weekend programs. Our goal is to provide everyone with meals that meet their needs, and this small fee will help us accomplish that while being financially responsible.