Is Lutherdale accredited?

Yes! Lutherdale is accredited by the American Camp Association. Re-accreditation occurs every five years and involves all areas of the camp including Food Service, Health and Wellness, Operational Management, Human Resources, Program Design and Activities, Aquatics, Adventure/Challenge, Horseback Riding, and Trip and Travel.

Accreditation is defined as:
Officially recognized as meeting essential requirements in all areas of your organization.

What is the registration process?

Campers register through an online portal called CAMPWISE. Camper families create a login and password. Please save this information.

The software will show only the programs that are available for each camper’s age group. The software lists programs by age group or date, not by “Theme Week”.

The pricing for Lutherdale’s programs falls into four different time periods.

Register Early for Best Discounts! For more information about pricing for Lutherdale’s summer programs click HERE.

Arrival goes most efficiently when families completes the following at least 4 days before registration.

How much money does my camper need?

Camp Store

When campers arrive they will be able to add money to their camp store account. Families may send cash or a check made out to “Lutherdale”. Families can save time at check-in by adding money ahead of time to their online account. The deadline to add money to camp store accounts online 4 days before their scheduled session. 

We recommend that each camper has at least $5 in their camp store account. Most campers bring around $30. 

Campers are typically given time each day to purchase a drink, candy, healthy snacks, ice cream, and clothing. Campers are limited in the number of consumable items purchased at each visit. Campers may not keep any food items or cash in their cabins. The Camp Store will also be open for purchases of camp gear and souvenirs during registration and pick-up times.

Balances remaining on your child’s camp store account at the end of the week will be returned to the camper in cash. Campers will also have the choice to donate to the summer mission project.

Additional Options

Campers may also purchase a camp video on a jump drive for $15 and/or a chance to climb the Lutherdale climbing tower for $15. 

Is Lutherdale safe?

Lutherdale has always taken the safety and well-being of our campers very seriously. Our camp has an excellent reputation as a safe and healthy environment. We are accredited by the American Camp Association, which maintains the highest standards for safety and risk management. We follow all Wisconsin State Health Codes and Lutherdale is licensed and inspected annually. We put campers in the care of trustworthy, capable young adults. All staff undergo background checks and participate in two weeks of staff training. We follow clear policies and training regarding emergency management and behavior recognition, and summer staff is supervised by professional full-time staff. 

Lutherdale hires a seasonal Health Care Manager for the summer camp program. This individual is at least 21 and has completed at the minimum, the American Red Cross First Responder course. The Health Care Manager is on-site 24 hours a day and is equipped with radio contact to many areas of camp including the waterfront, climbing tower, office, and Leadership staff. An AED is available in the office at all times.

Lutherdale also has volunteer Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) that volunteer to assist the Health Care Manager. We also have an RN and MD available for consultation.

Lutherdale will be in immediate contact with you should there be a serious medical concern, illness, or incident. If medical problems occur, we use local clinics and hospitals to treat medical conditions or accidents.

Will my child be able to communicate with me?


There is nothing better than a letter from home when you are away at camp. Please use the following address for postal mail N7891 US Hwy 12, Elkhorn WI 53121. Please make sure your camper’s mail is postmarked by Tuesday if your camper is attending a full week of camp. Parents are also encouraged to bring letters or a small care package to be given to staff at registration, who in turn will deliver mail to campers throughout the week. Campers can mail letters or postcards out daily from camp so feel free to send pre-addressed, stamped envelopes along to encourage their letter writing home.

Bunk 1

Lutherdale has partnered with Bunk1.com to provide a one-way visual and written communication with your child. Please note, campers are NOT able
to send a return email. Through Bunk1.com families can access daily photos from camp and purchase photos, including the cabin group photo.   

I’m having trouble with the Bunk1 email service. Can you help?
For questions or help with the Bunk1 email service, Bunk1 is available to support you 7 days a week during peak season. They guarantee a response within 24 hours and it’s usually much faster than that. Please call Bunk1 at 212-974-9112 or email them at

Cell Phones

Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones to camp. We understand that cell phones provide parents and children with security and comfort of unimpeded contact anytime, anywhere. Besides the fact that cell phones are expensive and can get lost, stolen, or broken, cell phones are a distraction to campers. The success of the campers’ experience is largely built on the fact that individuals come to camp, away from the demands and distractions of the outside world, to build an intentional Christian community. The use of cell phones and texting features proves to be a distraction, and often campers do not focus their energy and attention on building community. When found, camp staff will confiscate these items for the remainder of the session. Phones and other tech devices will be returned at the close of the session.

The groundwork for building the camp community starts at home. Families can talk with campers before they leave for camp will help to ease the transition away from cell phones and other electronics. Speak about how exciting camp will be. Recount stories from camp and adventures away from home, well before cell phones were invented. Let campers know that if they are feeling sad, afraid, or lonely, there is always someone they can reach out to at camp, whether it is their cabin leader, a trusted activity leader, the Health Care Coordinator, or even the Program Director. Campers requesting to call home will be brought to the camp office to use the office phone.

Do you have a camper assistance program?

 Lutherdale believes the camp experience should be offered and available to anyone. To make sure the camp experience is available to all, financial assistance (known as camperships) are available and supported through generous donations. If you would like more information on campership availability, please click here to request a Campership Form.


What if my child has a dietary restriction?

Campers are fed well-balanced meals. Our food service staff are very familiar with dietary needs. If campers have a food allergy or need special accommodations, please list those needs on their Health Form. In addition, please call at least two weeks before your child’s week of camp to discuss their particular needs with our staff. If families have any questions about our ability to work with your child’s needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out sooner.

With the growing number of dietary restrictions/preferences and the price of food, we have a small fee that covers a full week of meals. Vegan-$30, Vegetarian-$25, and Gluten-Free-$30. These prices are prorated for half-week or weekend programs. Our goal is to provide everyone with meals that meet their needs, and this small fee will help us accomplish that while being financially responsible.