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2019-2020 Retreat Series

Download the 2019-2020 Retreat Flyer

2019 Retreats

Elementary Retreat     September 21-22, 2019     Grades 3-6     $90

Using the ropes course at Lutherdale we will learn about trusting in God and one another.

Confirmation Retreat     October 11-13, 2019       Grades 6-9      $115

Focus on the Lord’s Prayer and all the unique and creative ways that we can talk to God.

Confirmation Retreat     November 22-24, 2019     Grades 6-9     $115

Look at Baptism and Holy Communion as our guide to how we are fully connected to grace.

2020 Retreats

Junior High Retreat       January 10-12, 2020             Grades 6-9      $115

Junior High Retreat       February 21-23, 2020           Grades 6-9      $115

Junior High Retreat        March 6-8, 2020                    Grades 6-9      $115

Viewing the movie “Wonder” (2017) we will discuss inclusion, bullying and how we are all wonderfully made in God’s image.

Elementary Retreat        January 18-19, 2020               Grades 3-6        $90

Music is a huge part of praising God. At this retreat, we will make a joyful noise to the Lord.

Sr. High Retreat         March 27-29, 2020                        Grades 9-12    $115

Senior High is a time of discernment about call and vocation. This weekend will focus on living a purposeful life, wherever our journey takes us.

Elementary Retreat   April 4-5, 2020                               Grades 3-6         $90

There is no right or wrong way to worship God, so this retreat will explore the
different ways we worship at camp and at home.



B.Y.G. Retreats
(Build Your Group)

A 1 night Lutherdale retreat, but…
· YOU choose the DATE.
· YOU choose the AGE GROUP.
· YOU choose the THEME.

THEME options:
Body of Christ Adventure– spend the retreat building your group as a team and learning about the special gifts that make each of us an important part of the Body of Christ. (additional $20 per youth for Low and High Challenge Course Program)
Light up the Night– stay up late lock–in style with nighttime activities while learning about letting our light shine.
Follow the Leader–  Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. This retreat we will be focused on the greatest leader the world has ever known (JESUS) and how we can be leaders in our church, our school, and our community.

Programs can accommodate any 3-4 year age group.
Example: grades 3rd-5th, 7th-9th or 9th-12th.

Youth: $90 (includes program cost, housing, and 3 meals)
Leaders: Groups will receive 1 Free Chaperone for every 8 youth of each gender (additional Chaperones will be charged the same as a youth)

For more information or to schedule your next retreat,
call the Program Office
Phone: 262-742-2352