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Lutherdale’s New Individual Church Retreats

This Fall and Winter, Lutherdale is offering retreat programs with health and safety guidelines for “Individual Church/Group Retreats”.

Our “H.O.P.E.” retreats are for your church group only. There will be no
other groups mixing with your group, providing you with a safe
“Group Bubble” to do ministry within.

Your group will be led through Bible Studies & devotions focused on finding “Hope in the Unknown” through the stories of Jonah and Joseph.

Groups select:
• Any age group      • Date of their program      • A pre-planned retreat schedule

3 Great Retreat Options to fit any group’s schedule and budget.

Day Retreat | 10 am-7 pm | $70 per camper | $25 per Chaperone

Includes 2 meals
A choice of 3 Activity Rotations

One Night Retreat | 10 am-11 am | $130 per Camper | $70 per Chaperone

Includes lodging, 3 meals
A choice of 4 Activity Rotations

Two Night Retreat | 7 pm – 11 am | $175 per Camper | $115 per Chaperone

Includes lodging, 4 meals
A choice of 4 Activity Rotations, Bible Study Included

Activity Rotations Choices:
Anti-Racism Discussion | Archery | Arts & Crafts | Bee Keeping Demonstration
Bible Study | Bubble Soccer | Campfire Cooking | Canoe & Kayak | Climbing Tower
Cross Country Skiing| Facilitated Field Games | Fishing | High Challenge Course
Indoor Team Building | Low Challenge Course | Pontoon Boat Tour
Service Projects | Swimming | Tie-Dye | Tobogganing
*Other Options Available On Request

Groups are asked to bring 1 Chaperone for every 8 Campers of each gender.
Lutherdale will assign housing based on group size and needs.

To book a H.O.P.E. Retreat, call the Lutherdale Office (262) 742-2352

We have implemented several key COVID-19 protocols to keep your group healthy and safe while at Lutherdale.
Watch our Retreat Protocol Video Here

  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of cabin spaces and common areas.
  • No mixing of groups on campus and maintaining physical distance from other groups on campus.
  • Allowing at least 24 hours between groups using a sleeping room to allow adequate time for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • We strongly recommend that groups have their participants take and log their temperature for 14 days before their retreat.
  • Lutherdale will conduct daily temperature screenings while groups are on campus.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting communal spaces daily.
  • Lutherdale staff will carry disinfectant with them to be used before and after guests use a camp area or equipment.
  • Directing all guests to wash hands and use hand sanitizer before entering the
    Dining Hall.
  • Assigning tables for groups to use during their retreat and strongly encouraging outdoor seating when the weather allows.
  • All meals will be single-serve and individually packaged.