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July 21st, 2013
Have you ever searched for something for so long that you figure you will just never find it?

On Monday July 8th we realized that one of our pigs had escaped from its pen. It had dug under the fence and was roaming around camp. We had a couple of sightings and even corralled it to the lake thinking it wouldn’t swim if it went in the water. Nope. That pig took like a fish to water and escaped our grasp!

We had staff and campers on the look out. We were on golf carts and had cross country runners on foot. People would walk into the office and think they were crazy reporting that they had seen a…pig?!? Neighbors to the north of us called one Thursday evening to say they had trapped it under their camper and we ran over. Somehow that smart little swine found a way to escape again and we had neighbors on foot, bicycle, and golf cart searching the neighborhood. We thought we had lost that pig for good. We figured we chased her too far from camp for her to find the way back. 

On Friday July 19th our Program Director, David Box, spotted her in his back yard and the search efforts resumed. She went back into hiding until Saturday July 20th when our Health Care Manager, Matt, and Farm Manager, Tyler, chased her out from under a Yurt and caught her!!

The fun never stops at camp!

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