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December 16th, 2013
Seasons Greetings friends!

That time of year is upon us where we will be gathering with loved ones who we may or may not see on a regular basis. There will be time for conversations about the past year as food is passed around the table.

This is a great time of year for those young adults in your life to start thinking about their summer plans. Job fairs will start happening at their colleges in February. They will want to get a jump on things so they do not have to beg and plead at the last minute to get their application considered in April and May.

One of the topics that rarely makes the talking point list is Summer Camp. It either becomes a last resort when all of the internships have been filled up or it doesn’t even make it on the radar until close to the end of the semester. Why not have one of your phrases at your family gathering over the holidays be…”You should work for a camp this coming summer!”

It never hurts to bring the idea up and who knows, maybe they were thinking about working at a summer camp but thought you would never approve of the idea.

There are many different ideas out there about camp. Maybe it is that we just play games and have a good time, or we only specialize in making campers better at certain skills, or (my favorite one) we read from the bible and sit around talking about Jesus all day. Well here’s some news: we are much more than that and for those of us running accredited camps we hold high standards for our operations, programs, and staff. Just take a look at some of the sessions that are covered in our two weeks of staff training.

Risk Management
Leadership Styles
Group Dynamics
Conflict Management
Cultural Competency

I can’t speak for all camps but at Lutherdale the camp philosophy revolves around the campers taking ownership in their time at camp. By the time they leave camp every camper will have helped clean up the dining room after three meals, helped to plan and lead one worship for camp, and as a group planned out four days of afternoon activities. As a staff member you are facilitating the discussion and challenging the campers to compromise, encourage, and problem solve with each other as they work together as a group.

Take camp off the back burner because many business are seeing the benefits of hiring an employee who has camp staff experience on their resume. Here is another camp who knows about the product they put out (and I’m not talking about their camp program): 


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