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August 1st, 2013
It’s been a beautiful summer with some wonderful weather but I must admit, I’m a bit confused. You see, the highest temperature here last weekend was around 65….at the end of July!? I kept looking around and thinking, “When did we go back to spring?!” Being on the waterfront, I have gotten used to some warm days and have really enjoyed jumping in the water on particularly stifling days. So you can imagine my surprise when this time of year is usually reserved for lots of ice cream being consumed at the Canteen, water games, and thanking the Lord for air conditioning. The change in weather, however, has been much appreciated! Even if guarding for the campers yesterday was one of the coldest days it’s ever been!
Still, there is a lot to be thankful for! When it’s colder, the bugs stay away a little longer, the nights are pleasantly cool, and we get to appreciate how much the sun does for us! I love seeing the campers having a blast at the waterfront in rain and shine. It’s great to enjoy the things that we have at camp and the ways that God provides for us. I know it’s supposed to get warmer within the next few days and the sun will present itself before long so I’ll enjoy this day while it lasts. This is your Waterfront Coordinator, signing off!

Peace and Blessings
Hannah S.

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