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December 1st, 2017

Having been a lifetime visitor to camp, I know the role that Lutherdale can play in the lives of those who come. While camp initially saw its purpose as a camp for youth to grow in their faith, it was not long until the power of a retreat away from the normal routine was discovered as beneficial to families and adults too. I can remember camping with a church group of families in upper field as we surrounded the bonfire and shared songs and stories of faith.  Diversity is important at camp.  Lutherdale is a place where a variety of people can participate and grow deeper into the awareness of God’s love for them and all of creation.  Lutherdale Lodge is a another step in this direction by providing a multi-use space to be used for people of all ages in the center of camp. This building helps us to be forward thinking in our role as a camp for all ages. Will you join me in participating in this appeal to Share the Adventure?   ~ Rev. Tim Hansen, Campaign Chair