Camp Pricing

The full cost of a week of camp is $750.

The full cost of a weekend is $400. 

*Price may vary for On-site Day Camp, SALT, Family & Adult programs.  The discounts available are listed.

  • Add-on experience of 40-ft Climbing Tower/400-ft Zipline is available for full week programs for an additional $15. Participant must safely fit into a safety harness.

  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan meals are $2 extra per meal.  This option is not ala carte.  Once selected, all participant meals will follow the special dietary meal plan.

  • Parents/Guardians may send unlimited one-way emails to participants (full week programs ONLY) for an additional $5 per participant.  Emails are sent through the participants online account and will be sent Monday - Thursday.

  • Participants registered for Inventor's Workshop Week (June 26 - July 1) will be charged an additional $30 activity fee.

All discounts offset the total cost of a full week of camp and are supplemented by Lutherdale's Campership Fund. 

The Campership Fund is generously supported by a number of contributing individuals, families, and congregations.

How to Register

Registration is online. 

  1. Create an account or log into your existing account. Locate the 'Sign In' button in the upper right hand corner of the page. 

    • Registration for Family Camp requires our office to set up a family account FIRST.  Please call (262) 742-2352.

  2. Select a program.

    • All programs are categorized by grade completed by June 2022.

    • Only the programs a child is eligible for will be visible.

    • Camp programs are listed by date, not by title.

  3. Make a $100 non-refundable deposit

    • To be registered, not just enrolled,  a $100 non-refundable deposit must be made on the camper's account.

    • Family Camps and On-Site Day Camp require payment IN FULL to be registered.

    • A status of 'enrolled' means you have started the registration process.  There is NOT a spot held for your camper until you have made the $100 non-refundable deposit. 

    • All 'enrolled' status registrations will be cleared from your account after 30 days.

    • A status of 'waitlisted' means the program is full.  A camper may stay on the waitlist or choose a different program.  Those choosing to stay on the waitlist, will be contacted by camp if a spot becomes available.


Full payment is due 7 days prior to start of session.

Cancellation Policy - The $100 deposit is


Need help?  Contact our Office at (262) 742-2352

BEST Value

Early Bird Discount 

$495 Full Week Programs | $250 Weekend Programs

Ends March 15, 2022

great Value

Pre-Summer Discount 

$525 Full Week Programs | $250 Weekend Programs

Ends June 13, 2022

Add'L discounts

Sibling Discount

If more than one child attends camp, each additional child from the family will receive 50% off of the full cost of camp. 

  • Only one discount per camper. 

  • This discount only applies to full week youth camps. 

  • Sibling discounts are selected by the family during the online registration process.  This discount will appear as a requested discount on your camper dashboard.

Multi-Week Discount

A child who attends more than one program in the summer will receive an additional 10% off registration tuition discount for each additional program. 

  • This discount does not apply to On-Site Day Camp or Adult & Family programs. 

  • Multi-week discounts are selected by the family during the online registration process.  This discount will appear as a requested discount on your camper dashboard.

Early Bird Discount Ends March 15, 2022

Summer Camp FAQ's

How does camper check-in work?

Team USA, full week and weekend youth camps at Lutherdale will occur via drive-through stations. Parents/guardians and campers will remain in their vehicles for camper sign-in, health care, & cabin assignment. Campers will be assigned a 30-minute time slot. Time slots help to reduce the wait time for check-in.

*NEW THIS YEAR! Parents/guardians will have the option of accompanying their camper to the cabin once the check-in process is complete.

How do I check-out my camper?

For full week youth camps and Team USA, we invite parents/guardians to Closing Worship at the end of each session. Worships will be held outdoors, rain or shine, in the Pavilion, adjacent to the parking lot. Worships will last approximately 1 hour and feature cabin groups leading the songs, skits, and prayers. Campers will check out with their cabin leaders following the Closing Worship.

For weekend youth camps, campers and luggage will be brought to the Pavilion. Parents/guardians may stay in their vehicles to sign out their campers. Cabin leaders will bring campers to the vehicle.

What does it mean that Lutherdale is accredited by the American Camp Association?

Lutherdale is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), the country’s leading professional accreditation organization for camps. This means that we have passed a detailed review, consisting of over 300 standards checks!

To be an ACA Accredited Camp, Lutherdale takes part in a thorough review of our day-to-day operations every three to five years. This review includes everything from our staff qualifications, our fun and educational camp program, to the health and safety of campers and staff.

ACA standards establish guidelines for policies, procedures, and practices at camp. The American Camp Association collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Red Cross to assure all accredited camps reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operations.

How does the Camp Store work?

Campers will have an opportunity to visit the camp store daily. Campers may not keep any food items or cash in their cabins. For full week youth camps, we recommend adding $20-$40 in the Camp Store in your online account. For weekend youth camps we recommend additing $10-$20 in the Camp Store in your online account. We recommend adding money in the online account at least 2 weeks before your camper's session.

At the end of their program, campers are given an opportunity to give a portion of their Camp Store money to support and strengthen Lutherdale's ministry. Any money remaining will then be credited back to the credit card on file within 7 business days.

The Camp Store has drinks and snacks, including soda, juice, candy, chips, ice cream and shirts, hoodies, hats, and souvenirs like water bottles, jewelry, and stuffed animals.

In 2022, during check-out of full week youth camps, the Camp Store will be open for parents/guardians.

Is there swimming at Lutherdale?

Lutherdale has a beautiful waterfront with a sandy beach, shallow swim area, deep swim area, floating raft, water slide, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and pontoon boats. As a camp accredited by the American Camp Association, all waterfront activities are supervised by certified lifeguards or trained waterfront observers.

Lutherdale's waterfront is also home to zebra mussels, small, clam-like animals that cling to hard submerged surfaces. The shells of these animals are sharp and can cause cuts on unprotected skin. We highly recommend that all campers bring shoes of some kind: sandals, aqua socks, or old tennis shoes to wear while in the lake to reduce the risk of injury to the camper and help us coexist with the mussels.

My child has a food allergy.  How does this work at camp?

Lutherdale is a fully licensed restaurant by the State of Wisconsin. All food service on our campus is provided by our talented Chef. Our Chef is knowledgeable and has extensive experience working with a variety of food allergies and dietary needs. Upon registration, each participant will complete information on allergies, medication, & over the counter medication. Our Chef receives a weekly report of camp participants with specific information on food allergens. Lutherdale offers Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan meal plans for the additional cost of $2 per meal. This option is not ala carte. When selected, ALL participant meals will follow the selected meal plan. If you have a specific concern, we welcome you to contact our Office (262) 742-2352 and speak with our Chef.

Can I communicate with my child(ren) while they are at camp?

Campers are not allowed to have cell phones at camp. While it may seem counter-intuitive, we have found that campers who bring cell phones have a harder time adjusting to camp life and can have more difficulty with homesickess. A large part of camp is learning to be independent. If a phone is discovered at camp, it is locked in our Office and given to the parent/guardian at check-out. If you need to contact your camper while they are at camp, parents/guardians may contact our Office at (262) 742-2352 to arrange a time. We encourage you to send your camper mail while they are at Lutherdale. To ensure your camper receives mail via the USPS, please put your letter in the mail prior to the week your camper is attending to avoid delays. Address it to the Lutherdale, Attn: camper's full name, N7891 US Hwy 12, Elkhorn, WI 53121. Parents/guardians may bring letters to camp to be distributed to their camper during camp. Full week camps will also have an option to receive electronic mail. In your camper account, you will have an option to sign up for 'one-way communication' in the lower left corner of your dashboard screen. You may send unlimited emails to your camper, Monday through Thursday. The fee is $5 per participant. Please note that emails through Campwise will be able to be read by some staff as they print and distribute the messages to the campers. All mail is delivered once a day at lunch.

What is the Summer 2022 Bible Study theme?

Our Summer 2022 Bible Study theme is Boundless. Campers will enter the hopeful and saving story of God and God’s people. They will experience the good news of God’s boundless creating, loving, and merciful power for them in their lives. Just as God was loving and faithful at the time of creation, then in the life of Israel, then through Jesus Christ, so God continues to be in this world now. Enter the story of God and God’s people (you!) and rediscover boundless goodness, love, welcome, forgiveness, and generosity. So boundless that they cannot be measured. But they can be trusted. Our boundless God is our anchor in life and our springboard too. God made us and will never let us go. Yet God also propels us out into God’s beautiful world to care for and prosper creation, gifting us with abilities and creativity to do “far more than we dare ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:21 CEV).

My child has medication.  How does that work at camp?

Lutherdale's Health Care Manager is responsible for managing the health concerns for the entire camp. The care we give includes dispensing of medication and addressing medical emergencies. Lutherdale is governed by Wisconsin State Law and follows American Camp Asssociation standards. We can only dispense prescription medication as it is written on the accompanying prescription bottle. Please bring medication in its original bottle. If the prescription has changed, please have your doctor or pharmacist indicate this. We can only dispencse medication that are prescribed to the camper by the physician. Upon registration, each participant will complete the categories of allergies, medication,,& over-the-counter medication. Lutherdale does stock and supply a limited number of over-the-counter medications. Great care is taken in the use of all drugs to promote the best health of everyone at camp. In addition, Lutherdale follows a set of standing order procedures that are review on an annual basis by a physician. If your child has a special medical condition or need, please let us know when you register for camp so we can prepare accordingly. You can contact us at (262) 742-2352.

My child has a baseball game during camp.  What should I do?

In 2022, campers are permitted to leave and return to camp mid-session if desired. Parents/Guardians will indicate the intention to leave and return to camp via an online form within the camper's account. Parents/Guardians must include information such as whom is authorized to pick up the camper, as well as date(s) & time(s). Campers should be picked up and dropped off at the Camp Office. An adult authorized by the Parent/Guardian must sign out and sign in the camper.

My child has to leave camp earlier than check-out.  What should I do?

Campers may need to leave a session early for a variety of reasons. Parents/Guardians will indicate the intention to leave camp early via an online form within the camper's account. Parents/Guardians must include information such as whom is authorized to pick up the camper, as well as date & time of the early check-out. Campers will be picked up at the Camp Office. An adult authorized by the Parent/Guardian must sign out the camper.