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What does Tax Reform Mean for Your Donation?

March 12th, 2018

What’s the Biggest Change?

Because the amount of the standard deduction was virtually doubled in the recent tax reform legislation, fewer people will be itemizing their deductions. You can only use your charitable gifts as deductions if you itemize, therefore there will be fewer people that will be able to use gifts given out of their standard accounts (via cash, check, credit card, etc.) to lower their taxable income.

So What?

While most people who give to Lutherdale do so because they believe in our mission of providing Life Changing Adventure and not just because they want a tax deduction, we recognize that many people took advantage of their yearly contributions for their tax purposes. For those looking to gain tax benefits from their contributions to Lutherdale, here are two options that may be of interest:

The IRA Charitable Rollover: If you are taking a yearly required distribution from an IRA and are at least 70 1/2 years old, you can direct your distribution to charity.  This transfer is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD).  While you cannot use a QCD as a tax-deduction, it does reduce your taxable income.  Because an IRA distribution is taxable income, if you direct it to Lutherdale before withdrawal, you lower your annual income. This may mean a lower income tax rate, less tax on Social Security Income, lower Medicare premiums and more.  Talk to your tax professional for more info.   The QCD transfer is an easy process that you set up with your IRA provider before taking the distribution.  A check is sent directly from your IRA provider to Lutherdale and we send you  a gift acknowledgement letter.

Stock TransferIf you own stocks, mutual funds, or other securities and have owned them for more than one year, it can be a tax advantage to use them as a charitable gift. When you give in this way, you can still claim a deduction for the full market value of the security, and you avoid paying capital gains tax that would be owed if you sold those securities.    This opportunity is available regardless of whether you itemize deductions or not. Making a charitable donation of a security to Lutherdale is an easy process.  Instruct your financial advisor to transfer the shares through our Brokerage Account (contact us for the account info).  We sell the shares and receive a check for the amount.  Once we receive the check you receive a gift acknowledgement letter.

Questions about utilizing these options for your donation?  Use the Contact Form below.

Lutherdale Partnering with Mission Builders for Construction of New Lutherdale Lodge

January 18th, 2018

The ELCA Mission Builders provide project management, concept-design services, and construction services for congregations and camps that are building new structures or additions to existing buildings.  In the past 30 years, Mission Builders has constructed over 230 structures, including many for other Lutheran camps across the country.

Because Mission Builders is a mission-minded organization, they provide these services at a greatly reduced cost.  The builders are retired contractors, builders, carpenters, and others from across the country that will travel to Lutherdale and live in their personal trailers and RVs on-site for the summer.

Find out more info on Mission Builders at:

What are the benefits of utilizing Mission Builders?

  • A projected cost-savings of 15-30% on the original construction cost of the building.
  • Mission Builders will provide complete project management from the pre-construction phase through the completion of the building framing and exterior.
  • We will be able to utilize many dedicated Lutherdale volunteers to work along side Mission Builders and help open new ministry at Lutherdale.
  • We will have the opportunity to welcome a new group of dedicated servants of Christ into our Lutherdale community.

What does this mean for our building project?

  • The foundation of the lodge will be constructed in Fall of 2018.  Our Mission Builder Project Manager will be on-site to oversee this work.  In late spring of 2019, 10-12 Mission Builders and their spouses will arrive to begin constructing the building.
  • The more volunteers that work alongside Mission Builders on the project, the greater our cost-savings will be.  Therefore, we will be reaching out to as many volunteers as possible to help with the project.  If you or someone you know has interest in volunteering, please contact Jesse Weiss, Campaign Manager using the form on the bottom of the page.

Share the Adventure Receives Generous Gift from the Kellogg Family Foundation

January 6th, 2018

Lutherdale has been blessed by a $300,000 gift from the Kellogg Family Foundation towards the Share the Adventure Campaign.  The Kellogg Family Foundation is a generous supporter of many church-related causes, as well as organizations that provide development opportunities for youth.  We are grateful for the importance that the Kellogg family places on these important areas, and that they believe in the work that God does through Lutherdale to further the church and the lives of youth, families, and adults.  Please join us in prayers of thanksgiving for this wonderful gift.

Quilt & Women’s Group Campaign Appeal Off to a Great Start

January 1st, 2018

With a total pledged of $1,850,000, Share the Adventure continues to see a positive response as we have now reached 65% of our Opening Phase goal.  A part of this continued success can be attributed to Lutherdale’s wonderful Quilt and Women’s groups.  Led by Darlene Pieper, chair of the Quilt and Women’s Groups Campaign Committee, we have kicked off a special appeal to invite these valuable supporters of this ministry to participate in the campaign.  Thus far, we have received over $45,000 towards a $100,000 goal for this special appeal.  We are extremely thankful for the many ways our quilters and women’s groups have supported Lutherdale over the years, as well as for their significant investment in the next generation of God’s ministry through Lutherdale.

Quilt & Women’s Group Campaign Appeal Off to a Great Start