The Need

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NEED #1: To Provide New Opportunities for Adult Ministry

NEED #2: To Invest in Quality and
Flexible Youth Facilities

NEED #3: To Enhance Lutherdale's Ministry of Hospitality

  • Lutherdale is no longer just a summer camp; over 50% of our users are adults and they come all year-round.
  • Youth ministry will also be a priority for Lutherdale, we must also seek to meet the needs of maturing adults who seek meaningful fellowship and faith-formation opportunities.
  • Current facilities don't provide the accessible accommodations many of our adult users require. 
  • Because we value young people and want them to encounter Jesus Christ through Lutherdale, it is important to have facilities suitable for them.
  • In today’s world, parents and youth respond positively to attractive and comfortable sleeping, meeting and eating facilities.
  • Lutherdale needs upgraded facilities in order to better serve our youth campers.
  • While many facilities at Lutherdale are of top quality and are serving well, others, are in need of improvement or replacement to bring them up to the high standards people expect of Lutherdale.
  • Flexibility is key to building designs that provide the ability to serve multiple groups of various sizes at the same time.