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Help open new ministry for people of all ages – Share the Adventure TODAY!

Lutherdale provides life-changing adventure for all!  We are a faith community, dedicated to building lives in Christ, through the wonder of God’s creation, and the study of God’s word.


Lutherdale is keenly aware of the growing number of adults and families within congregation and communities who are looking for exactly what Lutherdale can offer them.  People are living longer, seeking new experiences, desirous of being in settings where they can grow in their spiritual journey.


Over the last 3 years, thanks to the prayers, generosity, and support of many, $2.9 Million was raised for the Opening Phase of our Share the Adventure Campaign.  With the partnership of ELCA Mission Builders in the summer of 2019, construction of a new adult-friendly Conference Center began.  Preparations are being made for a Grand Opening and Dedication Service in 2020.


Now the time has come to Finish the Adventure by completing the final touches on the Conference Center, creating an ADA accessible entry to the Dining Hall, and remodeling the Watson Center.