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November 2nd, 2017

Camp truly is a ministry for all ages. We know and trust that God is alive and at work through the many activities at camp—Bible studies, games, worship, and more—no matter what age the participants are.    While programs for youth will always be a priority at Lutherdale, we recognize that adults are also in need of meaningful faith formation opportunities. It is our goal to be able to offer high-quality programs and opportunities through our 50 Forward ministry for adults in their third chapter of life that will allow them to connect with others, experience new places and things, and explore how God is at work in their lives. As Dr. Rollie Martinson shared at a recent Lutherdale 50 Forward Retreat, “Dear friends from across the generations, elderhood is a good time—let’s enjoy it, and let’s celebrate it.”  In order to effectively welcome adults to camp for these meaningful opportunities, we need to be able to provide a comfortable and accessible camp experience. The heart behind our Share the Adventure capital appeal is to meet these comfort and accessibility needs in order to open new ministry that will sustain Lutherdale for the next generation. This will be accomplished through the main project of the campaign—the construction of an adult-friendly lodge. This new lodge will offer hotel-style accommodations and large group meeting space in close proximity to the dining hall and the center of camp. Through the campaign, we will also be addressing site-accessibility issues, making it easier for adults to get around our beautiful campus.  Please consider helping us Share the Adventure with all people in all seasons of the year, so that more adults not only relive old camp memories but also experience new ones.