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Gifts of Time & Talent Abound

July 8th, 2019

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.
Before the mountains were brought forth,
or ever you had formed the earth and the world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.
Psalm 90:1-2

Camp is a big part of our dwelling place.  It’s a place apart, immersed in God’s creation.  Lutherdale gives people of all ages an opportunity to discover God dwelling within them.  It is a place where both individuals and families can dwell in God and leave equipped to have a positive impact on their neighborhoods, community and the world.  Renewal, joy, compassion, steadfast love, and life changing adventure abound at Lutherdale.

We are SO grateful for the people who have showered Lutherdale with their gifts of time and talent this summer.  In the first 4 weeks of work on the new Lodge, 44 volunteers have given over 830 hours of time to work alongside the ELCA Mission Builders at Lutherdale.  The volunteers arrived daily, beginning May 28.  They came with varying levels of skill and ability.  Some volunteers came bearing delicious, nutritional snacks for the Mission Builders to enjoy during breaks.  Some volunteers came with the gift of new tools and safety gear, purchased via Thrivent Action Teams, to assist with building the Lodge. 

Atonement Lutheran Church in Muskego, Messiah Lutheran Church in Twin Lakes, St. Olaf Lutheran Church in Rubicon, and St. John’s Lutheran Church in Evansville shared the need for volunteers, organized small groups of people, and sent them to help open new ministry here at Lutherdale.  

Construction has steadily progressed under the leadership of the ELCA Mission Builders.  They have worked tirelessly to lead the construction endeavors of the new Lodge.  Prayers, planning, preparation, and muscle power are enlisted daily by these faithful servants.  

The floor decking for the center section is complete, and the framework for the sections that surround The Great Hall have been constructed and raised.  Construction on the center of the Lodge will continue July 16, with the delivery of large glulam timbers for Entryway, Lobby, and The Great Hall.

Are you interested in volunteering this Summer or Fall?  For more details or to express interest, check out

ELCA Mission Builders Arrive in May

April 23rd, 2019

With the foundation now complete, the ELCA Mission Builders are set to arrive at Lutherdale in May to begin construction on the center sections of the new Lodge. The Mission Builder program is an outreach ministry of the Lutheran Church for over 30 years and has done over 200 projects throughout the country. We want to introduce you to Steve and Carole Schenk, ELCA Mission Builders!

My name is Steve Schenk (Shank) and I am the on-site project manager for Mission Builders and the Lutherdale project. I have been in the construction industry since 1970 as a carpenter, project foreman, project superintendent, and project manager for several contractors in Nebraska.

My wife, Carole, will serve as the liaison between the Mission Builders crew and Lutherdale and as the primary hostess for volunteers that join us at Lutherdale. Carole and I have been married for almost 18 years, and before we made the decision to get married, we talked a lot about Mission Builders. Was it something we could agree on and do together? Obviously, we agreed (kind of like a pre-nup)! We currently make our home in the St. Louis Missouri area.

We have been with the Mission Builder program for 13 years and have worked on projects across the country. Four of those projects have been in North Dakota, three in Montana, and single projects in Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Our desire to be part of Mission Builders is to continue being thankful for what God has done for us. To share the talents God has given us with others as we strive to build and strengthen His church here in this country and to celebrate the joy of hearing the Spirit call from places that need the help of Mission Builders, like Lutherdale.

Respectfully in God’s service,
Steve & Carole Schenk

ELCA Mission Builders Arrive in May